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On Air

  • Program Sponsorship

    Click here to take a look at some of our daily, weekly and monthly programs. Each program sponsorship package comes with brand association opportunities like branded opening and closing boards, branded promo's promoting the show.

  • Television Commercials (TVC's)

    Your brand, your message. Reach 14,000 C-Suite across Africa by purchasing some 30,60 or 120 second spots on the channel. Run of station, prime time and program specific opportunities are available.

  • Vignettes & Other Airtime Sales

    CNBC Africa's custom solutions team can create hard hitting, high impact vignettes to tell your brand's story. A typical vignette is a two minute story, accompanied by stunning visuals to deliver your message.

  • Event Coverage

    CNBC Africa is present at most high impact conferences and events in the continent, as well as global events with an African focus. CNBC Africa has been at WEF Africa since 2007 and Davos since 2011 and China since 2013. CNBC has been present at conferences organized by the African Development Bank, Milken Institute, the International Monetary Fund to name just a few.

    Event packages include a array of commercial opportunities, such as branded interviews, panel discussion sponsorship, panel moderation and on-screen branding in between coverage.


    Through its partner, ABN Productions, ABN and CNBC Africa are able to offer you bespoke events with a television component. Interested? Why don't you contact us to speak to a rep.

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