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Strengthening primary healthcare in Kenya through innovation


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Philips launches its first Community Life Centre in Kenya to strengthen primary healthcare and community development. PHOTOS: Philips

Developed by the Philips Africa Innovation Hub, the centre will provide integrated solutions for primary healthcare and service facilities that will enable community development from a healthcare, lighting and healthy living perspective.

In partnership with the County Government of Kiambu in Kenya, the centre will prioritise infant mortality challenges and improve maternal health.

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“Today the population growth is highest in emerging markets like Africa and innovation can help drive sustainable solutions that bridge the divide between the privileged and lesser privileged sections of society and improve the quality of life at all levels,” said JJ van Dongen, chief executive officer of Philips Africa.

“With the first Community Life Center, we have introduced a new value delivery model and our ambition is to introduce this solution across Africa to drastically improve access to primary health care.”

The company added that most parts of the continent cannot offer basic quality services to local communities due to a lack of qualified health workers, electricity, water and basic healthcare technology resulting in over-crowded hospitals.

The Life Centre will therefore offer items such as solar power, LED lighting, healthcare and laboratory equipment as well as a purified water supply.

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The community will also be trained to make use of the centre’s services and will be able to purchase clean water, smokeless stoves and home solar lighting products.

The first phase of the centre was implemented in June 2014, introducing new ultrasound and monitoring equipment to Kiambu resulting in an average of two babies being delivered per day with the number expected to grow significantly in the next few months.

William Kabogo, governor of Kiambu County said, “Our partnership with Philips comes at a time when the County has a high incidence of infant and maternal mortality resulting from preventable causes and lack of medical facilities.”

“With Philips contributing towards solar energy solutions and state-of-the-art equipment, the County Government was able to focus on the construction of the infrastructure and hiring new staff. This co-operation is reflective of the kind of partnerships we seek to participate in with the private sector that results in uplifting the lives of our communities.”