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How getting business, labour and government on the same page boosts growth


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Getting business, labour and government on the same page. Photo: Wikipedia

Advancing High Impact Entrepreneurship for High Economic Growth was the theme for the 2016 KZN Economic Roundtable, one of the conversations surrounded how trade unions and the labour force can help stimulate entrepreneurship.

"It is not only about your membership, but it is also about how to grow businesses and industries so that you can have employment and then from that employment you can have members,” said Chris Gina, Convenor, Organised Labour, KZN.

Gina also explains how understanding the industrial policy methodology and labour laws together are an example of how the KZN government has created the best opportunities.

He adds: "One area that I really target for implementation is the area of industrial hubs - because it talks directly to the entrepreneurship.”

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"We need to find a way that through the industrialisation programme, we bring in our own people to areas that are easy to get to the market and easy to get to the technology.

Gina also says that trade unions, business and government in KZN are on the right track to be on the same page.

“I think the economic council has created that partnership among us, we are in the same vision in terms of policy, in terms of implementation  - it is a question of which is implemented faster than the other one," he said.

"As a trade union we are also cautious that whatever is implemented, does not actually undermine the labour rights or worker rights.”