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Welcome to the future: add fibre to your business diet


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With connectivity speeds of up to 100Mbps, a new world of possibility lies ahead for businesses. PHOTO: IT Pro

Think connected cars, intelligent homes and offices, factories of the future and the Internet of Things. It all starts with superfast broadband.

Telkom has started rolling out Fibre to the Home (FTTH) in select suburbs. Next: Fibre to the Business (FTTB). Fibre will be a game-changer for every type of company, of every size, in any sector. The needs of business demand a robust and reliable communications network, and fibre’s high-speed, high-quality broadband capability makes this a reality.

Here’s why Fibre to the Business is such a huge step up from copper:

-This is superfast internet in the true sense of the word, with speeds of up to 100Mbps.

-Operating costs are much lower than for copper because fibre is easier to maintain, uses less electricity, and is more reliable.

-Fibre has lower latency, meaning no noticeable information exchange delays. This is especially useful in communication technologies like unified collaboration and telepresence.

-Fibre networks are not affected by electrical interference, making communications clearer and more reliable.

-Fibre is robust and will not corrode like copper. Failures are rare, and are usually diagnosed and remedied before users even realise there was a problem.

-Fibre access and speed is not subject to physical restrictions. This means you get what you pay for. Connectivity speed is not affected by how far away you are from the central switching points.

-Fibre is more effective than copper ever was. It does not lose signal over longer distances, so it is capable of carrying larger information loads further.

-Fibre uses light instead of electrical current, making it much safer than its predecessor. Electric currents create heat which is a fire hazard.

-Possibly the standout benefit of fibre-optic cabling is that it is future proof. Once it has been rolled out, it is there to stay. Fibre is considered a ‘once in a generation’ investment, so fibre users can rest assured that they won’t have to experience downtime in future while telecommunications providers rip out the outdated fibre and replace it with the next best thing. To put it this way: fibre is the next best thing.

In essence, fibre gives you options you only ever dreamed of with copper. It will revolutionise your internet experience and transform the way you live, work and play.

The future of telecommunications services has arrived and it’s your time to experience the internet to its fullest potential.

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Source: www.telkombusinessblog.co.za