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Sixty Global Shapers take part in Summer Davos


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Global Shapers Community

The forum opened in the north eastern city of Dalian, China, on Wednesday morning with a focus on meeting the innovation imperative in Asia.

The Global Shapers community is an international network of young, dynamic and socially engaged leaders from across the world. It was founded in 2011 and has over 2800 members, all aged between 20 and 30.

Organised into city hubs, the groups work together on local projects to address some of the most challenging issues in their local communities.

“The Global Shapers Community is about teams of people working together to positively impact the

communities in which we live. Young people are part of the solution to the challenges that we face locally and globally, and Global Shapers are responding with conviction,” said Adeyemi Babington-Ashaye, director of the Global Shapers Community. 

The projects run through 160 cities at this stage and include initiatives with universities to provide programmes such as career mentorships to tackle youth unemployment as well as building free Wi-Fi hotspots in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. 

Of the 60 Global Shapers taking part in the Summer Davos, 17 are from Hubs in China. Projects that they are currently running include mentorship and career counselling to university students from around the world.

The Manila hub has started a public-private library renewal partnership that aims to open 200 libraries in the Philippines by 2020, reaching 2 million people.

The Global Shapers will join members such as Global Growth Companies (GGC), technology pioneers, young scientists, young global leaders and social entrepreneurs at this year’s Summer Davos. 

Shapers will then be given the opportunity to learn more about global challenges and take part in high level discussions that influence the international, regional and industry agendas. 

Over 10 per cent of the Shapers will participate in panel discussions alongside chief executive officers, minister and presidents in order to provide a younger generation perspective on issues and to also draw on their project work experience. 

Under the theme “Meeting the Innovation Imperative”, the discussions comprise of an intensive three-day programme to explore innovation imperatives under four sub themes: Transforming Industry Ecosystems, Unleashing Innovation, Building Societal Resilience and Connecting Markets.