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Boosting innovative thinking in S.Africa's townships


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S.Africa needs to have a township agenda: Matsi Modise. PHOTOS: linkedin/WEF

Modise who is the executive director of the South Africa Black Entrepreneurs Forum said her experience from working with township businesses shows that there is a need to digitalise the sector.

“I would like to take the experience in innovation and technology from China and try to emulate the same at our Soweto-based hub,” Modise told CNBC Africa on the sidelines of WEF meeting in Tianjin, China.

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“I engage with the underserved communities and we see businesses without websites and email addresses which makes it difficult for people in China to know the existence of a bread and breakfast business in Soweto,” she said.


About 1,900 global leaders and delegates from 90 countries are attending the WEF Annual Meeting of the New Champions under the theme of creating value through innovation.

Annual Meeting of the New Champions was established in 2007 as the foremost gathering on science, technology, and innovation.

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The New Champions convenes the next generation of fast-growing enterprises shaping the future of business and society together with leaders from major multinationals as well as government, media, academia and civil society.

Modise said shaping the future is part and parcel of being a global leader.

“Shaping the world is one of the objectives of being a young global leader,” noted Modise.

Modise noted that South Africa currently ranked relatively better on innovation but noted that there was a need for more infrastructural investment in the sector.