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WEF launches online learning platform


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WEF, Davos, Switzerland. PHOTO: Getty Images

“Today we’re launching a special initiative called The Forum Academy,” Jeremy Jurgen, managing director of WEF, the non-profit organisation, told CNBC Africa in an interview.   

Using the latest digital technologies, the online platform will deliver leadership courses to people seeking professional development on a continuous and sustained basis.

The curriculum covers all topics that are discussed at the Annual Meeting in Davos and will enable future leaders to learn from top business, academic and political leaders from around the globe.

“The objective here is to provide professional continuous learning and updating for people around the world. We’re taking advantage of the latest in online technologies and digital technologies to actually make all the wealth of information that’s here in Davos available to students around the world,” explained Jurgen.


The platform which is powered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) can be accessed through computer and mobile devices.

While students will still need to obtain degrees through conventional educational institutions, Jurgen stated that the Forum Academy is simply a platform that will provide learners with an in depth understanding of global issues that are continuously evolving.

“The WEF forum allows people to watch the plenary sessions live but if you want to go beyond that, that’s where the forum academy comes in. It allows people to explore in depth and understand [issues],” he explained.

“Here we have an opportunity to continuously up-skill your knowledge and your skills.”