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If I wasn't a Banker


by Uzoma Dozie 0

Uzuma Dozie. File Photo

I am often asked, “If I wasn’t a banker what will I be” and this question takes me back to the time when I switched my professional field from Chemistry to Business Management. Back then, while experimenting with chemicals I never thought I’d end up as a banker. I think my belief that every opportunity is worth taking a shot at, helped me make the decision.

Everything that I have learnt from my father (about banking) and the intensive refining of my business skills at Imperial College (MBA) is a strong testimony to my present position. And as the years rolled by I realized change in the line of work can never alter the inherent skills of a person.

If I wasn’t a banker, I might not wear the tag of a CEO, but I would be working with the same vision of creating a sustainable infrastructure for the coming generation. If I had to choose a different profession, I see myself working in different hues of my latent abilities:


I think I’d probably be engaged in a business which impacts lives in a positive way. When I was young, I used to see my father using innovative ways to solve problems and it has helped me look at problems as opportunities. I would like to create a business which offers solution to a social problem and also acts as an enabler for the Nigerian people.


The Nigerian market is extremely conducive for ideas. With sound knowledge of its market dynamics, one can introduce an idea and see it progress to the next level. This keeps the market bursting with creative energy and maintain competitiveness.

If I wasn’t a banker, being a ‘business consultant’ and empowering businesses reach their full potential is something I would love to do. Nigerian economy thrives on SMEs and with my skills and experience it will be great to consult some of them on various aspects of business, and being part of their success story.


Sophisticated machines are transforming into user friendly devices, distances are shrinking, and areas of advancement are expanding. Technology has enabled us improvise our skills, maximize our efforts and has made us efficient and productive. I would love to work as a tech entrepreneur helping people understand the power of digital progress. The cost of doing a business in Nigeria is very high but when the power of technology is implemented wisely it makes the entire process very productive and cost efficient; thereby breaking barriers to entry across industries. Digitalization is the next level of information technology, which has helped Nigerian economy sustain in the global financial stage.


I think working at Diamond Bank gives me the opportunity to play a significant role in defining the future of Nigeria and to live out all the above roles simultaneously. Every day I use this opportunity to implement my practical knowledge creatively, to extend ideas to help people expand their small businesses and make banking interesting for our customers by employing digital methods.

We, at Diamond Bank understand the need to unfurl the innovative business plans of Nigerians, which has the potential to grow and sustain not only in the boundaries of Nigeria but further around the world. So, even if I wasn’t a banker my vision would have remained global, not restraining to the boundaries of Nigeria, helping people realize their dreams making them aware of the worth of available resources.