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Warren Ingram publishes a new investment guide book

Southern Africa

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“Frankly I was tired of seeing all these Americans selling their books to our market, it made sense to have a South African book for South Africans,” the author told CNBC Africa on Tuesday. 

Ingram said even though South Africa prides itself of cropping the world’s competent financial planners, sadly the level of financial literacy is still low in the country across all ages.

“The number of questions that we get by emails, phone calls, our twitter page about people asking questions which in some ways are quite basic. What I realised over time was that there’s just an absolute lack of knowledge. For me it was the same questions that people were asking in different age categories for example,” Ingram said.

“There is a crying need for people to get financial knowledge that they trust firstly and secondly that they can access without jargon and something that they can understand.”

He raised concerns on the market’s rising number of agencies posing as financial advisors, saying they are downplaying the fundamental purpose and ethics of their profession.

“We’ve got a broad tier of people called product pushers who are taking dvantage of people who are not financially literate, so on that side of the spectrum it is worrying,” he added.  

The award-winner’s book is already hitting market shelves.

Warren is a profession financial planner and regularly features on local radio show unpacking practical advice on all things financial.