Worldwide PC shipments down 10.9 per cent in Q2 - CNBC Africa

Worldwide PC shipments down 10.9 per cent in Q2

Southern Africa

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“We’re undergoing a metamorphosis from a computing perspective. Computing is dissipating, it’s actually going away. We said this for many years and now it’s suddenly happening,” Stafford Masie, Tech Startup Entrepreneur told CNBC Africa on Friday.

The personal computer company dropped to 76 million units in the second quarter of 2013, going down into history records as the longest duration of decline in the PC industry.

Masie said what they’re experiencing at the moment is the long run playing itself out due to the rise in popularity of highly sophisticated gadgets – tablets – whuch have taken the markets by storm.

“When you buy a PC you need to understand a lot of things. When you buy a tablet computer – you give it to a two year old because it understands touch, it understands motion. It was inevitable we just didn’t think it was going to be this quick,” he added.

He emphasised that this transition does not mean the end of computers era but more to do with changing business models.

“Before when you bought a PC you bought a tower, a keyboard, a mouse and an external screen. You installed software on this device. It was a very intrusive, very physical experience. When you buy an iPad, a tablet, you take it out of the box it doesn’t even come with a user manual, it doesn’t have an external keyboard, and it doesn’t have a mouse its just orientated computing,” he explained.

“What you have access to is not a couple of discs that you put into a tower but what you have access to is a hundred of thousands of applications being built out there that run on your device set freely accessible and its easily installable.”

Masie said the PC will continue to survive because of it the rich deep computing spread sheets, client heavy, front heavy databases and other unique applications that are inaccessible on the portable yet stylish gadgets.



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