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S.Africa’s Imperial to focus on SADC neighbours

Southern Africa

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“The first focus area has always been and must continue to be the SADC countries – the countries north of South Africa’s borders. We have meaningful businesses in Namibia, Botswana, some business in Zimbabwe that’s actually going fine. We’ve grown quite a significant business in Mozambique and also well-established in Zambia,” Brody, the CEO of Imperial told CNBC Africa on Wednesday.

“We’ve been moving into West Africa which is Ghana, Nigeria. We are reasonably well-established in Kenya as well through some warehouses that we have there and some distribution that we do in pharmaceuticals and consumer products.” 

Africa, outside of South Africa, currently contributes 6.5 per cent to the group's operating profit and the logistics company is looking to continue with its acquisition strategy.

“Our key area for growth is international and Africa expansion of our logistics business. In the African logistics business, we think that the appropriate size for a transaction is somewhere between half a billion and one and a half billion,” Brody indicated.

“We are still learning, we don’t want to take very big leaps at a time and if we can therefore spread our exposure somewhat, in a number of jurisdictions across a number of deals and industries, we think that’s a safe size."

Imperial Logistics released its annual results on Wednesday and Brody emphasised that in order to continue its growth, the company does not impose its own culture on other companies.  

“One has to also make sure that you don’t go and move in and try and break the culture of a company that operates in a different country. We also have to be very sensitive to the people and the culture in that company.”