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“The commander is gone”

Southern Africa

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Mourners in Pretoria carrying a poster of Nelson Mandela. PHOTO: Wilhelmina Maboja

“I felt very emotional. I had met him twice, in 1996 and 1997, and he was a very strong man. Tall, charming, with a smile. Now he’s lying there, you feel like you have lost a father. I think the message is simple: take the legacy forward. He has laid the foundation, so it’s for all of us to make sure that at the end of the day, we unite South Africans and show the world that we can also be integrated.”

Peter Monama from Johannesburg.

“We felt very sad because he is a global icon, someone who brought unity and brotherhood to the country where we don’t differentiate in white and black. All of us are one. This is one of the greatest lessons which he taught us and I hope that as South Africa moves forward, we can better that ideal which he dreamt for South Africa.”

Bashir Patel, a South African working in Malaysia.

“I can’t say anything, I’m just speechless. He did great [things] for us. I wish he could be with us again.”

Khutjo Molokomme, a student from Pretoria.

“I cried. Madiba was a unique person. [The viewing] has really touched me. As people we are not satisfied with the way things are going on in our country. If the president can fix all those things, maybe we will always say long live Madiba.”

Ntombi Magamati from Kagiso.

“The commander is gone. No more. I saw it with my own eyes. He’s gone. It’s sad, but we will carry on. We will take the spear and carry on. If the soldier dies, we don’t mourn. Take the spear and carry on.”

 Kenneth Nkosi from Johannesburg.