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Cosmetic surgery on the rise in S.Africa

Southern Africa

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Cosmetic surgery. PHOTO: Getty Images

According to reports, Southern Africa has seen a 780 per cent increase in non-invasive procedures as well as a dramatic increase in black men and women opting for cosmetic surgery.

“The trend is now changing and I’m seeing that there are more black middle class men and women coming for plastic surgery which was definitely not the case ten years ago,” Dr Willem Erasmus, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon told CNBC Africa in an interview.

Previously cosmetic surgery used to trend amongst white middle aged men and women.

Erasmus stated that the popular procedures also vary depending on race. For example, black women prefer buttock augmentations to give them a fuller look whereas white women prefer getting liposuction or nose jobs.

This, he added, could also be due to cultural and ethnic differences.

“The differences you see between white women and black women are things like buttock augmentation. Black women prefer the fuller look which I think is fantastic. There are cultural and ethnic differences we need to take into account,” said Erasmus.


Other popular surgeries among black people are nip and tuck procedures, breast reductions and lip reductions.

Also, because South Africa has world class highly trained surgeons, it is seen as a medical tourist destination, especially for Europeans.

“Our country has world class plastic surgeons that are well trained and we have great teachers,” added Erasmus.

The costs are also considerably lower than that in other countries, making South Africa one of the most affordable locations for cosmetic surgery in the world.