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Google Finance partners with S.Africa’s JSE

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The JSE was rated 1st in the world in terms of regulated exchange. PHOTO: Trade Options

“We’ve been in discussion with Google for a couple of years already, as these discussions normally take a while with international players. As part of our role of making sure that South Africa gets as many eyeballs as possible on its investment markets. It’s something that we always pursued. It’s finally here. We can now make our JSE equity prices available globally,” Ana Forsman, director of market data at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), told CNBC Africa.

Data of companies listed on the JSE can now be accessed from anywhere in the world through the Google Finance platform. Google Finance allows users to access to data including real-time information on stocks, financial news and currency conversions.

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“There’s a considerable amount of information: it will have news announcements, when the dividend will be declared, history on the listed company and the latest price, which is 15 minutes delayed, and what the price move is,” Forsman explained.

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The partnership is expected to enhance the JSE’s brand, and bodies such as the World Economic Forum already look favourably on the JSE as a formidable African bourse.

“The World Economic Forum does the rankings of various exchanges, and you would have seen we are number two in the world in terms of raising finance, and we are number one in the world in terms of regulated exchange,” said Forsman.

“It’s all very exciting to get us back on the map and making sure that everybody has the opportunity to see what growth opportunities we have in this country, and make sure we get some more foreign investment in here.”