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I am not DA’s ‘black face’: Maimane

Southern Africa

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I am not DA’s ‘black face’: says Maimane. PHOTO: Leadership Platform

“I am not in a contest to become the 'black face' of the DA, I am in a contest to make sure the DA diversifies as to make sure we have South Africans from all walks of life,” Mmusi Maimane told CNBC Africa.

“The majority of people who vote for the DA are black, the majority of our membership is black so I think it’s a possibility that we are building a party that is diversified,” he added.

At pains to deny that he was being used as a black face by a party predominantly viewed as white, Maimane said to the contrary his party was commanding the popular black vote.

“If you look at all other opposition parties with the exclusion of the Economic Freedom Fighters we have the highest number of blacks voting for the DA,” noted Maimane.

The former mayoral and premier party candidate in Gauteng did little to dismiss possibilities of him running for same positions in the province in the future.

“Our processes allow us to contest for positions. I am not disqualified from contesting a position in Gauteng by my virtue of being in Cape Town,” said Maimane.


Under his leadership, the DA has managed to build a strong constituency in the province that might see the party governing the province in a coalition in the near future as the ruling African National Congress (ANC) continues to lose votes in the province.

“Gauteng is an important place in South Africa. I am happy that we have grown significantly as we had a fantastic result in the past elections,” he said.

“The key issues we campaigned on where about jobs and economy and making sure we see growth.”

Maimane added that the economic outlook of South Africa was best expressed in Gauteng and that he was convinced the party had managed to play a role in shaping conversations in the region.

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Explaining his move into the national assembly, Maimane said he wanted to serve the DA in its broader sense and having moved into the legislative framework.