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DotCities launch in S.Africa

Southern Africa

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South Africa’s ZA Central Registry has launched Top-Level domains for the country's top cities. PHOTo: Getty Images

“A dotDurban, dotCapetown and dotJoburg domain name will definitely afford many businesses a unique and easily recognisable online identity” said Vika Mpisane, chief executive officer of ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA).

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The initiative was launched in July by ZACR, ZADNA and South Africa’s Department of Communication. The group believes that ZAdotCities will offer a unique platform for the promotion of South African products and services.

They added that not only is it a big opportunity for small businesses to increase their brand’s online exposure but it can also increase tourism in the country by expanding the city’s brand names.

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Since its launch date, the ZACR has been running a 90 day Sunrise period where trademark owners can apply to register their trademark names.

The Landrush period will then follow where internet users including the general public can register their internet domain names at a higher premium. This launch phase however will be open for 120 days, running concurrently with the Sunrise period, and will allow for the application of generic, high search and high value names such as, or

"Then [after the Landrush phase] the launch of general availability will follow, with businesses and members of the public registering their own .durban, .capetown and .joburg domain names on a first-come, first-served basis," added Mpisane.