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S.Africa’s Poynting to acquire Radio Network Solutions

Southern Africa

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Poynting Holdings Limited is the holding company of antenna specialist Poynting Antennas. PHOTO: Action Communications

Poynting is currently investing in the entry into the cellular micro base station market and has established the Cellular Coverage Solutions (CCS) Division for this purpose,” Poynting said in a statement.

“The CCS Division is fundamentally different from the Commercial Division, which mainly supplies antenna based solutions used to connect end user equipment, while CCS products are aimed at the base station (network operator or infrastructure) market.”

[DATA POY:Poynting Holdings Limited] is the holding company of Poynting Antennas, which specialises in the commercial and specialised and defence manufacturing and supply antennas. Poynting Antennas is headquartered in South Africa.

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“Radio Network Solutions already has a significant presence in the network operator coverage solution market, with clients in the network operator and infrastructure industries, and is therefore better equipped to market the Poynting Cellular Coverage Solutions range to this important segment,”

“The acquisition allows the businesses to combine Poynting’s intellectual property and product innovation with Radio Network Solutions’ sales excellence.”

The upfront amount will comprise of 50 million rand in cash, which is equal to 83.3 per cent of the cash consideration and 3,636,364 Poynting shares. This is equal to 20 per cent of the share consideration.

Radio Network Solutions is a focused system integrator in the wireless network arena. It provides implementation and support services for enterprise networks in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.