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Load shedding...Whose got the power?

Southern Africa

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Eskom has increased its power production at the Majuba Power Station. PHOTO: You/Getty Images

"The risk of load shedding is low today due to the increased generating capacity at the Majuba Power Station which is now at 1,400MW. More units from Majuba are due to be synchronised to the grid later today with the potential of increasing generating capacity to 3,200MW," the company said.   

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Eskom reports that their programme to mend the Majuba Power Station is going as planned, however the wet weather is proving to be much of a challenge.  

"We have implemented a wet coal management strategy to ensure that the wet coal risk is reduced in our other power stations. It is however not possible to neutralise this risk completely, especially over periods of prolonged, high rainfall."

There has been a decrease in dam levels at certain power stations that use water to generate electricity. Yet, Eskom says if things remain as they have this week there is little chance of load shedding.

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"The weekend will be used to restore operating reserves and dam levels at our pumped storage stations which will prepare us for next week. We anticipate being able to do this without needing any load shedding," said Eskom.

South Africa’s largest electricity supplier continues to urge consumers to use decrease electricity usage during the day, especially between 6pm and 10pm (CAT).