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Is it time to start fracking in S.Africa?

Southern Africa

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SACCI supports fracking exploration. PHOTO: Aljazeera

The South African Chamber of Commerce and industry (SACCI) is in full support of Shell’s mission which supports energy diversification, economic growth and job creation.

“The reported two billion rand investment by Shell alone together with the estimated 700 000 jobs that the fracking industry will create is compelling and should urge government to fast-track opening the sector,” said Neren Rau, CEO of SACCI.

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Rau says fracking will take pressure off Eskom, the country’s largest energy supplier, and allow provision for cleaner energy on a larger scale. This may provide a path for South Africa to become a key energy exporter.

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“The question is no longer whether South Africa should engage in fracking, but how best to regulate an industry and attract the type of investors who would import their technical skills and experience to ensure optimal extraction and environmental protection,” noted Rau.