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Private sector should take the lead in ICT development

Southern Africa

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The business community and government need to partner for success in the ICT sector. PHOTO: huffingtonpost

This is the view of Hon Cwele, Minister of Telecommunication and Postal Services, who spoke at the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) Business Breakfast.

“Only with private sector investment can we meaningfully address unemployment. We thank the private sector for partnering with us to invest in, amongst others, the undersea cable. It is necessary to reduce the regulatory burden in the ICT sector to achieve even greater capacity,” he said.

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Cwele particularly focused on the fact that the private sector should take the lead when it comes to ICT infrastructure development.

He mentioned challenges in ICT development included the high cost of broadband as well as the high-level changes to ICT policy.

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“We need to coordinate our efforts to avoid duplication of ICT infrastructure investment. ICT infrastructure is expensive to build and maintain, so we want to move from infrastructure competition to service competition,” he added.   

Cwele committed to engaging with the private sector to identify niche areas within the ICT industry.