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There are al-Qaeda activities in S.Africa: security expert

Southern Africa

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Security expert claims there are al-Qaeda activities in S.Africa. PHOTO: Wikipedia

A forensic expert has made startling remarks saying there were al-Qaeda activities in South Africa; comments which might raise alarm in Africa’s second largest economy.

Paul O' Sullivan, Forensic Expert at Paul O' Sullivan & Associates told CNBC Africa that he was aware of al-Qaeda activity in South Africa at the moment.

“I wrote to the commissioner of police six weeks ago advising her of the al-Qaeda activity in the country,” O' Sullivan said.

Responding to comments made by the U.S Diplomatic Mission to South Africa, claiming that extremists may be targeting U.S interests in South Africa, to possibly include U.S Government facilities and other facilities identifiable with U.S business interests, O' Sullivan said citizens needed to report anything suspicious.

He also said extremists always like to exploit any gaps in security just like criminals.

“If extremists see opportunities in a given country they will exploit those opportunities,” O' Sullivan added.

 “It is generally known that the whole of Africa has got al-Qaeda cells moving around just like most of Europe,” he said.


O' Sullivan weighed on corruption prevalent at government level saying that it needed to be addressed.

“Wherever there is corruption in official environment like the Department of Home Affairs and police, this will always be a problem [that can give access to terrorists like the white widow terrorist discovered to be using a South African passport]."

He said weaknesses in the system were easily manipulated by terrorists. He added that the South African passport was largely viewed as a secure document and urged the government to safeguard the credibility that comes with the document.

“South Africa's passport is recognised as a strong document and difficult to counterfeit hence the need to close loopholes,” he added.

O' Sullivan said the one loophole that was difficult to close was the corruption loophole.