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Talking strategy and results with S.A’s political parties

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Talking strategy and results at with SA’s political parties. Photo: Flickr.

Representatives from South Africa’s top three political parties spoke to CNBC Africa’s Karabo Letlhatlha at the IEC Central Operations Centre and delved into each party's campaign strategy and how the results will affect operations in the country at a municipal level – here are some of the highlights.


"We are very confident that the work that we have put into this is going to give us a good result, we think the people of South Africa are going to entrust us with more responsibility than they did in 2014 so we have a very positive anticipation on the results." - Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, EFF National Spokesperson.

"This election has had much more independent and smaller political parties than there was ever, it is still a democracy of a thousand flowers that are blooming - what the EFF coming into being is doing, is putting the ANC at its place, that should not be interpreted with killing other opposition parties." - Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, EFF National Spokesperson.

"I will never work with the ANC - if you are a ruling party and you get less than 50 per cent, our people are telling us that they do not want you to be government - why would we bring you with a backdoor - they must sit in the opposition benches and humble themselves for five years and remember to never again be given a mandate and play with it like they have been playing with our people's votes for the last 22 years." - Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, EFF National Spokesperson 

"We found that people readily told us that they were quite happy with the basic service delivery that the ANC was providing, except of course in informal settlements where it is difficult at time to provide basic services but we focused our mind on local issues and we did not run a national campaign." - Jessie Duarte, Deputy Secretary General, ANC.

"We made a deliberate choice not to insult any other political parties leaders because we believe that is not the way South Africa needs to go - we focused on ourselves." - Jessie Duarte, Deputy Secretary General, ANC.

"We reconfirmed the fact that the most pressing concern is job creation and in that regard, we must without hesitation move swiftly into local economic development as a key goal of the ANC for the next five years." - Jessie Duarte, Deputy Secretary General, ANC.

On coalition government: "During the campaign you fight and after you return back to being solid South African citizens - that's what we must remember, we have preferences and we are allowed... but we still have the responsibility to build a nation and unite the nation." - Jessie Duarte, Deputy Secretary General, ANC.

"We want to break out of the Western Cape, we want to control at least another major metropolitan area, it has been our strategy for a long time to demonstrate to voters that there is a correlation between the way that they vote and the services that they get and we believe that would provide a springboard for us to do extremely well in the Eastern Cape province, in the 2019 election and likewise that is why our concentration is on Tswane and Gauteng." - James Selfe, Democratic Alliance.

"New kids on the block tend to do quite well in the first election and then they struggle to retain that lead, I suspect the same is going to happen to the EFF." - James Selfe, Democratic Alliance.

"I think the ANC at this point is very divided, I think that their leader is a liability, everybody know he is a liability - I think the people are sick and tired of the corruption and nepotism that is a characteristic of the ANC." - James Selfe, Democratic Alliance.

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