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Mauritius best run economy aided by ICTs


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Mauritius is ranked ahead of S.Africa in ICTs. PHOTO: CRWFlags

This was revealed in the 2014 Global Information Technology Report, a World Economic Forum’s annual report.

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The report provides a comprehensive assessment of networked readiness in the application of the benefits of information and communications technology (ICT) to promote economic growth and well-being.

“Mauritius has developed a very strong vision as far as the role of ICT has to play in the overall economy and society. The country has also identified ICT as one of the key industries to be developed which has been translated into stronger ICT infrastructure,” Benat Bilbao, a senior economist at the World Economic Forum told CNBC Africa.

"Some of the regional countries are facing challenges with developing ICT infrastructure and reducing the costs with accessing ICTs. There is also inadequate high education skills in the sector in many countries and legal framework also remains a challenge,” he added.


South Africa remained at number 70 out of 148 countries though the some efforts to increase the number of users of ICTs has doubled.

The report also ranks the progress of 148 economies in leveraging ICT to increase productivity, economic growth and the number of quality jobs.

The rankings also show how far some countries have gone in bridging the digital divide – not only in terms of developing ICT infrastructure, but also in terms of economic and social impact – and highlight the main strengths and weaknesses countries are facing.

According to the Global Technology report, Information and communication technologies (ICTs) continue to rank high as one of the key sources of new opportunities to foster innovation and increase economic and social prosperity.

The Sub-Saharan Africa continues to suffer from a relatively poor ICT infrastructure, which remains costly to access, although some notable exceptions exist.

The report also noted that severe weaknesses persist in the region’s business and innovation ecosystems, which result in very low positive economic and social impacts.

The top 10 spots continue to be dominated by Northern European economies, the Asian Tigers, and some of the most advanced Western economies.