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Nigeria’s agricultural sector gains more support

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“The Rockefeller Foundation has been working in Africa but we have had a very good history of collaboration here in Nigeria and among the results of that collaboration is the Agricultural Tropical Institute here,” Rockerfeller Foundation Africa managing director Mamadou Biteye told CNBC Africa on Tuesday.

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) works with private and public sectors to improve crop quality and productivity and generate wealth from agricultural produce.

10 years ago Nigeria hosted the first convening of the Fertilizer Summit, which brought together over 40 African heads of state to discuss how they can work together to enlarge access and make it more affordable to smallholder farmers.

There have been a number of agricultural innovations across the continent that have allowed for the possibility of a greener Africa but developing certain techniques that will protect smallholder farmers from climate change and poor agricultural infrastructure will be vital to future food security.

Nigerian government however aims transform the country’s agricultural sector from a subsistence farming base to a commercial one, which will create wealth for farmers and the sector.

The fertilizer and seeds delivery system that has been recently implemented in Nigeria has paved the way for other agricultural innovations and allowed the government of Nigeria, in collaboration with the private sector, to cut the middle man and directly interact with farmers.   

 “The question is not that Africa can do a green revolution but in how long to advance more resolutely in this green revolution,” said Biteye.