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Mali’s political regime still improving

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“It shows an element of political maturity but political and military institutions and structures broke down with the coup attempt last year, [it] exposed a lot of problems. I think whilst consensus building is important in Mali, it will take a lot of work to restore the credibility of these institutions in the country,” Ronak Gopaldas, a country risk analyst at Rand Merchant Bank told CNBC Africa.

West Africa has seen some of the most inspiring political developments on the African continent in recent times.

For Mali in particular, its government recently announced the appointment of 34 ministers and deputy ministers into cabinet, a number of whom are long-standing politicians from previous regimes.

However, the present challenge for the West African nation is to ensure that its people have equal access to economic and social opportunities.

“The administration, in terms of economic priorities, has appointed a highly technocratic government, with the prime minister being an ex-banker. In addition to that I think there’s a firm grasp of what the key issues are – reconciliation has been prioritised, an inclusive government in Mali has been prioritised,” Gopaldas explained.

“I think given where Mali was a year ago and where they’ve come to, that’s a substantial improvement.”

Gopaldas believes that the move indicates an acknowledgement of the significance and scale of the issues facing the country.

“You’re seeing politicians from across the political spectrum being included in the government and I think that speaks to a realisation of some of the key challenges that the country faces. It won’t be an overnight process but I do think that where the country is now is definitely an improvement on 12 months ago, and it can only build from here on.”