(DAVOS) The rocket man is the talk of snowy Davos this morning as he blasted himself into the debate over what the world is doing about its growing number of poor people.

This year the debate at Davos has not only been about foreign investment and policy – also there have been growing calls for action against poverty. Oxfam hit the nail on the head during this conference when it claimed that a bus load of the world’s richest 42 people own more than a continent-load of 3.7 billion of the world’s poorest.


Elton John – worth an estimated $300 million – added his golden voice to the mix at Davos last night, along with actress Cate Blanchett, as he picked up the conference’s Crystal Award for commitment for improving the state of the world. Past winners include, Leonardo DiCaprio, singer Shakira and Black Eyed Peas signer will.i.am; John won it for his fight against HIV-Aids and Blanchett for her work with refugees.

“The world needs to be changed. The inequality of the world is, to be honest, disgraceful,” says Elton John at the glittering awards ceremony in the Alpine ski village.

Now, I am all for people using their image or celebrity, or any power at their disposal, to ease the suffering of others.


But it seems to catch the attention of these awards it helps to have a sprinkle of stardust as well – plus millions of references on Google.

What I am looking forward to is the day the Crystal Award recognises one of the many tireless and selfless workers who slog away saving lives at the many dusty and overcrowded refugee camps I have reported from in Africa. Hollow-eyed they stand in the African dusk absolutely exhausted. They do a thankless job for a pittance for no other reward than saving the lives of their fellow human beings with a smile.

I am sure their harrowing first hand stories could raise awareness about the plight of the forgotten suffering millions like little else. The only problem is you will find few of these brave workers on Google.