(DAVOS) What happens to South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma now? That was the question on the lips of many foreign investors as they heard the South African delegation make their case at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

President Zuma’s chances of completing the approximately 18 months left in his second term as leader of South Africa have been in question ever since that December day when Cyril Ramaphosa succeeded him as president of the ruling African National Congress. This makes Ramaphosa a shoe-in for president should the ANC win the 2019 South African elections.


According to senior sources in the ruling African National Congress, in Davos, for WEF there is a good chance President Zuma could resign by February 7 the last day of the Mining Indaba in Cape Town leaving Ramaphosa free to give the State of the Nation address in Parliament on February 8 where he can take national policy by the scruff of the neck.

“The alternative is an impeachment motion in Parliament and that could mean the president could lose all his benefits and pension. We are hoping common sense will prevail,” says one source in Davos.