Leisurely pursuits in the Northern Cape, South Africa

Majestically reaching over 360 000 sq kilometres from the world-renowned Kalahari Desert to the arid plains of the Karoo, the Northern Cape, South Africa offers visitors a unique Southern Africa holiday experience.  With its open spaces, friendly people, rich history and unique cultural diversity, this land of the extreme, promises an extraordinary tourism destination.  Come and experience personally! Here are ten tantalising reasons to choose The Northern Cape as your Southern Africa leisure destination :

 1. Unique flavor and flair

The Northern Cape is a truly remarkable holiday destination. Explore the unique flavor of the province with its unique combination of ancient Africa with an overlay of confident democracy. Walk barefoot on the land of the ancestors, proud of its roots and enthusiastic about the future, creating, solving challenges and greeting the world with a wide, warm smile.

2. Unforgettable, enriching experiences

Do not miss the opportunity to view night skies ablaze with a million stars at Sutherland, or at !Xaus Lodge, situated in the !Ae!Hai Kalahari World Heritage an international Dark Sky Sanctuary, one of only 10 such sanctuaries world -wide. Go hunting for fossils in the Karoo or searching for San rock art deep in the caves of the Diamond Fields, or experiencing the world’s richest floral offering in Namakwa, camping deep in the bush surrounded by wildlife and the famed black-maned lion of the Green Kalahari, or kyaking down the mighty Orange River, the Northern Cape is more than an adventure, it’s an enriching life experience.

 3. Value for luxury

The inherent warm hospitality of the people of the Northern Cape makes visitors feel like celebrities when they come to this vast province.  They can stay in the luxurious establishments, be pampered with spa treatment, dine on fabulous food and wine and afford all those once-in-a-lifetime experiences they’ve been longing to try. Not only will you have an excellent rate of exchange, but our facilities, activities and service equal outstanding value- so you can do more for your money. We call it value for luxury.

4. Special Occasions, Weddings and Honeymoons

The Northern Cape’s un-spoilt nature and breathtaking scenery with deserts, rivers, beaches, mountains and forests provide the perfect backdrop for the wedding of your wildest dreams. That is why the province is fast becoming one of the world’s most desirable and sought-after wedding and honeymoon destinations

5. Rich, cultural encounters

The distinct cultural groups that make up the Northern Cape are as rich as the country’s history. Meet the oldest human inhabitants of Africa, the ‡Khomani San Bushmen at Askham or the indigenous Setswana and Nama in Namakwa and the Diamond Fields. Visitors to the Northern Cape have ample chance to immerse themselves in these unique cultures through exploring cultural villages and arts and crafts markets, indulging in local cuisine at township restaurants, watching traditional dances and ceremonies, listening to real stories at interactive museums and talking to our people, who are willing to teach their customs and phrases to our guests. It’s the best way to experience the heartbeat of the province and to take a bit of the Northern Cape with them when you leave.

6. Leading family adventure destination

With unexpected adventures around every corner, the Northern Cape is arguably the leading family adventure destination of Southern Africa. It’s all about pushing individual boundaries, personal growth and reconnecting with each other. For some, adventure is going on a walking trail, a hot-air balloon ride or tasting a foreign cuisine.  For others, adventure is captured in an adrenaline rush by traversing the rapids of the mighty Orange River in a kayak or leaping off a mountain or waterfall. Family activities range from game safaris, bird watching and leisure hikes to food tours, museum visits and archaeological discoveries. No matter the skill, inclination or interest, there is an adventure to thrill all. Combined with our beautiful weather and spectacular scenery, it’s a heady mix!

7. Natural beauty and wildlife

The Northern Cape is unquestionably South Africa’s most beautiful and natural province. For the active, it’s an ideal environment for exploration and adventure. Visitors are hard-pressed to choose between our two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, two Transfrontier Parks, the Kgalagadi and the çAi-çAis Richtersveld with its red and golden sand dunes or any one of the other four national parks, six provincial nature reserves and numerous private game reserves. Share the intimate bush knowledge of a Nama or ‡Khomani San Bushmen guide and tracker. The Northern Cape’s natural beauty is enhanced by it’s an enigmatic wildlife. From the small five to the big five, watching wild animals at dose range is something truly unforgettable. There are walking, horseback, 4×4 routes, little five and many more safaris to incorporate in your trip.  The province is also home to two of the largest rivers in South Africa and three legendary deserts.  Each one of the 5 regions will capture the imaginations of those who dare to explore its rugged mountains, endless flatlands and undulating dunes.

Our annual BEYOND EXPEDITIONS Adventure, driven by ISUZU (SA), via five desert regions, including Namaqua West Coast, Richtersveld, Kgalagadi, Namib-Naukluft and Augrabies, in Namibia and South Africa, RSA

8. Great weather

The Northern Cape weather makes it a perfect year-round destination. The mild temperatures of the months July to October are perfect to visit the Northern Cape and escape the cold winters of the rest of the country and world. In summer the excellent weather invites visitors to enjoy the outdoors, play golf, indulge in massages under open skies, hike, walk, canoe, or have an open fire dinner or go on stargazing safaris.  Visitors can choose from a variety of outdoor adventure activities and seasonal experiences and take advantage of the excellent weather.

9. A firm favorite for incentives

Due to our great weather, diverse cultures, adventure credentials, historic Freedom Struggle, lively urban rhythms, award-winning food and wine, luxury accommodation, natural wonders, spirit of Ubuntu, fascinating wildlife and welcoming nature, the Northern Cape has become a firm favorite for domestic and international incentive travelers. Build memories to last a lifetime with an unforgettable, life-enriching trip to the Northern Cape.  

10. The Floral Kingdom of the Namakwa

Namaqualand is a stunning section in the Northern Cape, famous for its 6,000 plant species, 250 bird species, 132 reptile and amphibian species, and 78 mammal species. An astonishing 40% of the species found here are endemic – they do not exist anywhere else on earth.

Keep an eye out for the Namaqualand famed flowers from July to early October when the region is transformed into a kaleidoscope of color with the arrival of the flower season! Start in the capital of Springbok and visit the Goegap Nature Reserve where you can explore the Hester Malan Wildflower Garden in a guided open truck tour. The 103,000 hectare Namaqua National Park is well worth a visit. 

Akkerendam Nature Reserve in Calvinia is a proclaimed bird sanctuary with 10 floral species unique to the Hantamberg area with two lovely walking trails. Just outside Nieuwoudtville a must see is the Quiver Tree Forest and the Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve with 533 plant species and extravagant displays of wild flowers during the months of July to September.

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