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The race to win the battle of energy storage is on

As a bank at the forefront of financing the country’s emergency power program, Absa has seen significant interest from international developers, with various forms of energy storage at the centre of that interest.

Relieved to see battery technology coming to the fore – Ted Blom, Power and Mining Expert and Partner at Mining and Energy Advisors says “the Eskom that we knew and relied on for over hundred years is no longer capable of satisfying the needs of both the South African economy, South African households as well as the industrialised countries as our neighbours.”

Wherever there is a problem, there is a solution and, a solution is an opportunity, says The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield.

The electrification will proceed…

With its focus steadily on the energy sector, Siemens Energy has bore witness to some of the major trends shaping the electrification of the world.

“From a global perspective, we see the increase in demand in all areas of the world, so the electrification will proceed and, as we learn that all the emerging technologies are very energy-hungry… we see this as a major trend,” says Maximilian Niederehe, Business and Solutions Development Manager at Siemens Energy.

On the topic of regulation, he explains that there have been movements towards enabling energy storage as part of the landscape in Germany.

Asked whether the storage of renewables feasible – Niederehe says “what we see in Germany there is a lot of push, also looking at the decarbonisation of an existing fleet, making coal-fired power plants into storage power plants, which is possible using thermal energy storage.”

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