Redefining Africa’s Workforce Through Digital Transformation

The Future of Work. Are you prepared?

Covid-19 has forced businesses globally to re-evaluate their business models and to adapt to new working environments. As whole industries adjust and new ones are born, many occupations will undergo a fundamental transformation. Technological, socio-economic, geopolitical, and demographic developments and the interactions between them will generate new categories of jobs and occupations while partly or wholly displacing others. Given the rapid pace of change, business model disruptions are resulting in a near-simultaneous impact on employment, demanding new skill sets.

Through a series of expert panel discussions, CNBC Africa; a leader in business, financial data, news and insight, in partnership with Forbes Africa and prominent sponsors, will be hosting a first-of-its-kind virtual summit, The Future of Work Virtual Conference; which aims to find solutions to the crisis in Africa’s work and job system, and to drive home the need for a much more effective implementation strategy.

“This pandemic has also forced us as a media company to find alternative means to broadcast captivating and informative content, while adhering to Government’s health and safety protocols, and to identify digital platforms that would allow us to keep our viewers informed. Using the power of technology and our newsroom, we are able to connect the continent through live in-person and online virtual experiences.” Says Roberta Naicker, Managing Director of the ABN Group. “This virtual conference, consisting of industry-leading panelists, will examine how technology will enable digital transformation and change the way we work in the future.” She further added.

What will organisations look like after the pandemic? How will we collaborate and conduct business? What productivity gains can we unlock through robotic process automation, AI and cloud computing. What are the new threats companies need to identify and mitigate against? These are some of the critical questions that will be addressed, with themes like cybersecurity, cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI), forming the main focal points of this half-day virtual conference, set to take place on the 20th of August.

Attendees will be able to register to attend this virtual event, and watch it live for free. Allowing them to take part in the day’s discussions via Q&A sessions, and also get the opportunity to network with other attendees.

For more information on the Future of Work Virtual Conference or to register for the event, please visit this link.

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