Board Member: Roberta Naicker

Roberta Naidoo took over as Group Managing Director in 2011. She is responsible for the overall operations of the ABN Group, which includes CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa.

Apart from overseeing the financial strategy, planning and forecasts, Roberta also works directly with the Group’s Vice Chairman on strategic growth and opportunities across the African continent.

Roberta serves on the Board of Africa Business News (CNBC Africa), Forbes Africa and is Chairperson of ABN Training, ABN Productions and ABN Pictures. She is also Chairperson of ABN Kenya and ABN Nigeria.

Roberta joined CNBC Africa in February 2008 as the Head of Finance and served in various positions prior to being appointed Managing Director.

Roberta has completed the Effective Strategies for Media Companies programme at Harvard, which is a leadership development program, and was a finalist in the 2012 Business Women’s Associations Business Women of the year awards in the Corporate Category.

Roberta is a Trustee of the ABN Education Trust and oversees the Groups CSR activities as well as the corporate development programs of the Group.

Roberta, who is studying her Masters in Business Administration, is a member of the International Women’s Media Foundation, as well as the Business Women’s Association of South Africa.