Why one of the world’s largest malt makers plans to build its first African...

The plant, due to be located near Addis Ababa, close to many of the barley fields in the country, is expected to start in 2020.
What Kenya needs to do to extinguish hate speech ahead of elections

Here’s why the Kenyan and Ugandan shilling could drop against dollar in coming week

NAIROBI, June 14 (Reuters) - The Kenyan shilling and Ugandan shilling could come under pressure against the dollar, while the currencies of Tanzania and...

Ethiopia’s EPRDF makes three big announcements at first meeting since appointment of Abiy Ahmed

On Tuesday, June 5, the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front’s (EPRDF) Executive Committee began its first leadership meeting since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed...
OPEC’s move puts a higher floor under the oil price

Earnings from Rwanda’s mineral exports rose to $373 million last year

By Clement Uwiringiyimana KIGALI (Reuters) - Earnings from Rwanda’s mineral exports more than doubled to $373 million last year from the previous 12 months, supported...

This East African country is opening up its telecoms, airline to private and foreign...

Ethiopia opens up telecoms, airline to private, foreign investors ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia said on Tuesday it would open its state-run telecoms monopoly and...

This country could soon have the highest corporate tax rate in East Africa

This East African country plans to increase its corporate tax rate to finance its budget deficit.

Ethiopian govt and opposition start talks on amending anti-terrorism law

Watchdog groups say the 2009 law’s broad definitions have been used indiscriminately against anyone who opposes government policy.

Uganda to investigate MTN

MTN Uganda’s 20-year licence, secured in 1998, expires in October.

Why Kenya’s central bank governor believes the finance bill will emasculate the bank

The Financial Markets Conduct bill published last week by the finance ministry proposes to create a regulator in addition to the central bank to deal with the conduct of lenders.

As the United Republic of Tanzania turns 54 many believe the dream is over

Tanzania's latest clampdown takes decades of repression to new lows.

Politics and poverty caused past conflicts in East Africa – not climate change, but...

East Africa in particular is predicted to experience a dramatic increase in unpredictability of seasonal and inter-annual rainfall.

Why second-hand clothing is causing a trade battle between Rwanda and the US

The current dispute, which also initially involved Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, has received none of the attention of Trump’s trade war with China or his haggling with North American neighbours.

Rwanda partners with Premier League football club Arsenal

The three-year deal will also see ‘Visit Rwanda’ become Arsenal’s official Tourism Partner.

Burundi’s referendum: Mayhem, intimidation & death

Security forces and their allies the Imbonerakure youth militia created a climate of fear and intimidation.

Op-Ed: Is Africa on a slippery slope back to authoritarianism?

There is mounting concern in Africa about a lack of leadership as well as an increasing trend of hard-won democratic rights being reversed.
‘Different thinking’ the key to unlocking innovation

How East African companies are protecting their brands

East African economies have grown so rapidly in recent years that large brand-owners are not only making substantial investments in their brands, but are willing protecting them. This is how...

How Ugandan child soldiers are rebuilding their lives

As a young boy chasing chickens on his parents’ farm in northern Uganda, Louis Lakor dreamed of becoming a teacher. But when he finally set foot in a local primary school, aged seven, it was as an armed killer.

Meet Uganda’s transgender men fighting sexism

Being transgender is not illegal in Uganda, which is famous for its stringent anti-gay laws, but there is little understanding of people who do not identify with the gender they were born with.

Why a burst dam at a Kenyan rose farm is likely to put the...

One in three of all roses sold in Europe comes from Kenya and more than 100,000 people work in flower farms, many of which lie in the fertile Rift Valley.

Why Kenya is Africa’s ‘darling’ digital destination

For years, Nairobi has been the cradle of technological innovation in Kenya, and the center of the country’s thriving tech ecosystem, famously known as Silicon Savannah.