Burundi says "fine" with request for U.N. police deployment

Burundi peace talks open in Tanzania with opposition criticism

Burundi has been mired in a year-long crisis that has killed more than 450 people since President Nkurunziza pursued and won a third term.

IMF trims Kenya's 2015 economic growth forecast to 6.5 %

The IMF has revised down Kenya's economy from 6.9 per cent to 6.5 per cent partly due to terrorism activities.

Central Bank of Kenya to implement settlement system for bonds

Kenya's central bank has adopted a single clearance window in a bid to streamline transactions at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE).
South African mining firms to appeal silicosis ruling: miners' lawyer

How Rwanda is boosting its mining industry

Better Sourcing believes there is potential in the three T's mining sector, tin, tungsten and tantalum.

Is Rwanda Africa's next economic powerhouse?

Rwanda is developing into a leading economic performer on the continent and has significantly high growth forecasts.

Kenya's Transcentury swings into 2.11 bln shillings loss in 2014

Kenyan investment firm Transcentury reported on Friday a pretax loss of 2.11 billion shillings for 2014.
Index launched to measure Africa’s regional integration smartly

Index launched to measure Africa’s regional integration smartly

Africa’s Regional Integration Index is an action tool measuring the progress of an Africa on the move.

E.African governments killing two birds with one stone

East African governments have embarked on a project to not only fight malnutrition in the region, but to also tackle youth unemployment.

Rwanda to grow by 5.7%: World Bank

Rwanda’s economic growth rate has been forecasted at 5.7 per cent in 2014 by the World Bank.

Kenyan authorities approve use of thin SIM tech

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has given approval for the use of thin SIM technology in the East African country.

Kenya’s National Housing plans 5 bln shilling bond: paper

Kenya’s National Housing Corporation plans to issue a five billion shilling bond this year, a local newspaper reported on Monday.

Estee Lauder expands MAC brand in Kenya

New York listed firm Estee Lauder has expanded its footprint in sub-Saharan Africa by rolling out its MAC brand in Kenya.

Kenyan teachers to receive immediate pay hike

Kenyan’s Supreme Court has ordered the government to give teachers a pay increase of 50 to 60 per cent.
East Africa's plans to share energy to minimise shortages

East Africa's plans to share energy to minimise shortages

In the next three years energy will be shared throughout East Africa, according to James Ngomeli, MD Brands and Beyond.
Kenya an M&A trailblazer in East Africa

Kenyan economy slows down in 2014

The Kenyan economy grew slower in 2014 registering a 5.3 per cent growth.

Kenya's horticulture industry blossoms in 2016

Horticulture is a key foreign exchange earner alongside tea, remittances from Kenyans living abroad and tourism.
Power play in Mozambique

Kenya's electricity costs take a dip

Kenya’s cost of electricity has reduced significantly following the connection of an additional 140 Mega Watts (MW) to the national grid.
Nigeria's NNPC hasn't accounted for $50 bln in oil sales – Cbank

Unlocking the potential of Africa’s national oil companies

A clear mandate and governmental support is paramount in successfully unlocking the potential of national oil companies (NOCs).
How East Africa's youth can create more employment opportunities

How East Africa's youth can create more employment opportunities

"Some of the key findings from their work looked around some of the challenges of transitioning into the labour market"