Why Kenya is Africa’s ‘darling’ digital destination

For years, Nairobi has been the cradle of technological innovation in Kenya, and the center of the country’s thriving tech ecosystem, famously known as Silicon Savannah.

Why Ethiopia is abandoning its centuries-long practice of planting coffee trees

For generations, farmers planted the lush earth of Awedai and nearby areas in eastern Ethiopia with coffee trees, this is now changing.

Death toll from Rwanda’s landslides grow

“The four months have been far worse than last year and other years. This is terrifying.”

East Africa’s artistic expression is under attack, here’s why

Art, therefore, has become a reference point that generates critical debate around human identity, modernity, and politics. But the amplifying impact of the internet has meant that freedom of speech is coming under increased attack.

Kenya is one step closer to building its $2bln oil pipeline

Kenya discovered commercial oil reserves in its Lokichar basin in 2012.

Why researchers in Ethiopia are embarking on a quest to create the perfect chicken

Researchers in Ethiopia are embarking on a quest to create the perfect chicken for African farmers with an unlikely ally.

The state of African economies unravelled

“The music is back on; the party hasn’t yet started" but when it does no one must be left behind...

Could this be the Achilles heel of mobile money transactions in Africa?

The uneasy relationship between online betting and mobile money transactions.

Why Ethiopian businesses are disappointed with PM Abiy Ahmed’s economic stance

Local business leaders at a banquet in Ethiopia’s capital last week were hoping the new prime minister Abiy Ahmed would tell them he planned to loosen the state’s grip on the economy.

The IMF has altered its outlook on Africa, this is what’s changed

The latest update includes some notable revisions to individual country growth projections for this year.

Op-Ed: How Kenya can use its technological innovation prowess to leap forward

Presently, Kenya is the clear leader in Africa when it comes to internet and mobile penetration, which stood at 89.4% in June 2017, with the next three lagging further behind: Morocco (58%), South Africa (56%) and Nigeria (54%). The continental average is 31.2%

Ethiopia’s new prime minister names his cabinet

Abiy Ahmed, who was appointed by Ethiopia’s ruling coalition last month and sworn in as prime minister on April 2, made the announcement on state television.

New direct flight between Frankfurt and Addis Ababa

Lufthansa, the first European airlines to fly to Addis Ababa, is on the verge of launching its non-stop flight to Frankfurt this year.

Why it’s impossible to wean African leaders off their addiction to power

Why some of the continent's leaders continue to disregard their countries’ own constitutions and laws governing presidential tenure....

Tanzania has become socially more conservative, the arrest of musicians shows how far down...

Activists have accused his government of infringing free speech and democracy in its crackdown on internet users.

Ghana has just been knocked out of pole position as Africa’s fastest growing economy

The IMF, in its latest World Economic Outlook, kept its 2018 and 2019 global growth forecasts unchanged at 3.9 percent for both years after upgrades in January.

Ethiopia ends online blackout

Mobile and broadband internet services shut down in December in many regions outside the capital that were hit by unrest that threatened the ruling coalition’s tight hold on country.

If you live in Uganda expect to pay tax if you use social media

The move is unlikely to go down well in a country where more than 40 percent of people use the internet.

Diageo’s East African Breweries plans to increase its investments in spirits, this is why…

Sales of spirits at EABL grew 20 percent in Kenya last year, marking a shift in the East African nation where beer, including EABL’s Tusker, has long been the preferred alcoholic beverage.