Join the second-hand selling boom in support of the first ever global recycling day

Richard Mukheibir | Cash Converters Southern Africa Trading in second-hand goods is as old as business itself – and now it’s enjoying a rising new...

How the free movement of people could benefit Africa

Tshepo T. Gwatiwa |Institut de hautes études internationales et du développement (IHEID) and Michael Noel Sam | Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies The African...

Op-Ed: Listeriosis – a wake-up call for Africa

The rising death toll of the listeriosis outbreak should be a wake-up call not only to South Africa, but Africa as a whole. 

Five signs that universities are turning into corporations….

Sioux McKenna | Rhodes University Universities in many parts of the world are buckling under multiple financial, societal and political demands. This has led to increasingly...

How Kinshasa’s markets are captured by powerful private interests

Kristof Titeca and Albert Malukisa Nkuku | University of Antwerp Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), is home to 10 million people. With an...

What you need to know about the women leading Africa

Bold and fearlessly ambitious female leaders are working to shape the future of the continent and inspire other woman.

What is Reputation Capital and why is it important?

Sharon Piehl | FleishmanHillard A shifting landscape, characterised by disruptive new ways of doing business, political movements and fast changing technology, has had an immense...
Government will not nationalise retirement funds: Nene

Huge pension fund deficits are a global crisis in waiting

  Ania Zalewska, Professor of Finance | University of Bath In the past decade, the banking industry has been a central focus of attention for regulators, academics...

Africa has world’s second-fastest banking growth and profitability: McKinsey

Africa has emerged as the world’s No. 2 banking market in terms of growth and profitability, according to a study by management consulting firm...

Op-Ed: Infiltrating Wikipedia, Black Panther Style

How the world of Wakanda can teach us about where we should be putting our voice – and how we can measure the way others see us.

Op-Ed: Want to solve complex health issues? Train scholars to think across disciplines

Sharon Fonn, University of the Witwatersrand In this complex world a number of factors affect both the distribution and prevalence of disease and the effectiveness...

Op-Ed: An Africa Agenda at Global Meetings – WEF in Davos 2018

The “Africa Agenda” is about taking Africa, and its constituent countries, seriously. Seriously enough for investment to flow into the continent.

Op-Ed: Africa – Know Your Change

The role of technology in social activism is a lesson that can inspire our innovators to create change for our continent and its story.

Africa has a water crisis but these innovations could fix it

Water is the single greatest power to drive industrialisation, health and education across the continent.

Op-Ed: Smart Cities in Africa? It’s not just about ICT

As mass urbanisation continues across Africa, putting in place the fundamental infrastructure needed to build smart cities has never been more important. Smart cities...
S.African mineworkers' union vows coalmine strike in coming weeks

Leveraging Technology to Revolutionize Mining

By: Boston Consulting Group How will technology impact the mining industry? According to a report by Boston Consulting Group, mining in the not-too-distant future won’t look all...

This is why Africa needs to look to its rural areas

Agriculture will feed Africa's economic transformation.

Op-Ed: Why putting the words ‘learning’ and ‘Facebook’ together isn’t an oxymoron

Craig Blewett, University of KwaZulu-Natal It’s a rather impressive, if controversial, resume for a teenager: blamed for the election of Donald Trump, increased divorce rates,...

Op-Ed: Top 6 factors not to ignore when investing in Africa

Mthuli Ncube, Head of Research, Quantum Global Group Foreign investors are increasingly becoming aware of the tremendous potential and financial reward the African continent offers....

Op-Ed: The Power of Going Green in the Cleaning Services Industry

Wynand Louw | Tsebo Cleaning Services  In 2016, two significant factors affected the contract cleaning market in South Africa. The most important of these was...