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How Rwanda is investing in sports as a viable revenue stream

As part of a longer conversation on Sports creating a viable source of income for Rwanda, CNBC Africa spoke to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Sports and a passionate Sports Analyst on the major investments being made in the space in order to achieve the country's tourism, MICE & infrastructural development goals....

Sustainable Development, Sustainable Debt: Finding The Right Balance

The government of Senegal and the International Monetary Fund in partnership with the United Nations and the Circle of Economists discuss how to find the right balance between funding the Africa’s development needs & debt sustainability....

NCDMB: Highlights special of 9th Practical Nigeria Content Forum

Leveraging content development to grow and expand Nigeria’s oil and gas sector – the latest in a series of discussions facilitated by drivers of local content in Nigeria at the 9th Practical Nigeria Content Conference....

South Africa: A Mining Investment Case

SA's mineral resources account for a significant proportion of world production and reserves, find out more as our panel delve into why you should #InvestInSAmining....

Coke The Secret Formula EP1: What Coca-Cola is doing to change lives across Africa

In this series our host Asanda Maku investigates the various initiatives that the Coca-Cola Company are involved in across Africa. The Secret Formula is where travelogue and documentary meet. In this first episode we dig deeper into Bizniz in a Box, an initiative that assists young entrepreneurs establish a sustainable business for themselves and their families, in an attempt to combat youth unemployment....

The Green Economy: Building Human Capital in Africa

Up to 60 million new jobs in the green economy could potentially be created worldwide by 2030. If properly managed, green growth can provide an opportunity to address the youth employment challenge while simultaneously preserving the environment and increasing climate resilience....

The Future of Education: Reactive or Proactive

Changes are already observable in the education industry and further changes are essential to ensure that the kind of transformation will be achieved that will change mind-sets and revolutionise the delivery and consumption of education to benefit the workplace, society and the economy. The Future of Education Summit 2019, held in Sandton, explored the theme – The Future of Education – Reactive or Proactive....

Tackling maternal health challenges in Africa

Africa has reduced maternal deaths by 41 per cent. Over the same period, it has also reduced under-five mortality by 33 per cent. Despite progress, 57 per cent of all maternal deaths occur on the continent, giving Africa the highest maternal mortality ratio in the world. CNBC Africa’s Arnold Kwizera sat down with a panel of experts for more on this....

Assessing infrastructure investment as a primary enabler for growth and development in Rwanda

In Rwanda' s National Strategy for Transformation, Infrastructure Development is one of the important segments that lay foundation for decades of sustained growth and accelerates the move towards achieving high standards of living for all Rwandans. CNBC Africa is held a panel on conversation about some of the key infrastructure projects and the future....


FNB confirms measures to help customers impacted by COVID-19

“In recent weeks, the South African Government, business community, philanthropists and society at large have shown remarkable unity in a joint effort to protect our country against the impact of COVID-19,” writes FNB Chief Executive Officer, Jacques Celliers.

Lagos State passes bill, offers economic support to mitigate COVID-19 impact

Ahead of Nigeria’s lockdown of three states, Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu hinted that the state may have begun to see a trend in community spread of the COVID-19outbreak. He says the state will now begin to implement measures to cater for indigent citizens.

COVID-19: How African countries can insure against outbreaks

The Africa Risk Capacity is a specialised Agency of the African Union and they are currently undertaking an urgent exercise to model the potential impact of the coronavirus on Africa to inform and guide member states. This modelling according to the ARC will look into the likely short-term and medium-term effects of the pandemic on the continent as well as how to mitigate these shocks. Mohamed Beavogui, Director General and United Nations Assistant Secretary General, African Risk Capacity joins CNBC Africa for more insight into this.

The impact of COVID-19 on Nigeria’s business community

President Muhammadu Buhari says he has directed the Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment to work with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria to ensure that all production of essential items such as food, medical and pharmaceutical products continues unhindered. Mansur Ahmed, President of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria joins CNBC Africa for more.

How to be productive during the COVID-19 lockdown

CNBC Africa spoke to Neels Barendrecht, Chairman of Agility Holdings and Director of Agility Risk Solutions in Singapore on his journey of self-isolation and working from home, Neels travelled to Singapore before the pandemic saw travel bans and the national lockdown and he shares tips on how to work effectively from home and taking the correct steps to self-isolation.