UK PM Johnson’s battle with COVID-19 may be a warning for Trump

Johnson’s experience of trying to stay in charge while struggling with the disease may offer clues about the potential dangers ahead for U.S. President Donald Trump, now that he has tested positive.

How Africa fought COVID-19

South Africa saw some 17,000 extra deaths from natural causes between early May and mid-July, 59% more than would normally be expected, according to a July report from the South African Medical Research Council. That suggests the death toll from COVID-19 could be significantly higher than the official figure, currently over 16,000, researchers say. Even so, there is wide agreement that COVID-19 fatality rates have not so far been as bad as predicted.

9 books written by self-made billionaires to help you succeed in business and in life

Whether it’s building a successful business or climbing the career ladder, you can find inspiration from people who have done the seemingly impossible: Change the...

The Musk Method: Learn from partners, then go it alone

“Elon doesn’t want any part of his business to be dependent on someone else,” said one former senior executive at Tesla who declined to be named. “And for better or worse - sometimes better, sometimes worse - he thinks he can do it better, faster and cheaper.”

Millions of African children rely on TV education during pandemic

A group of artists, innovators and educators set up Ubongo TV in Tanzania in 2014. It has received around $4 million in grants since, and earned $700,000 from YouTube, product sales, character licensing, and co-production of programmes.

George Bizos- the man who helped save Mandela’s neck

"Three years George and we will be out!" they shouted to their lawyer.

Black Lives Matter forces South African sport to face past demons

“I think a discussion must be held to fully understand the black pain, but the other side of the coin is the farm murders which have caused a lot of white pain,” Le Roux told the Sunday newspaper Rapport, referring to the regular violent attacks on usually white-owned farms in South Africa.

Tesla launches $5 billion capital raise, tapping in on share surge

With a market capitalization now around $465 billion, it became the world’s biggest car company by value in July and has propelled Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk’s personal fortune past $100 billion

South Africa’s Eskom to implement power cuts on Tuesday after breakdowns

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South African power utility Eskom will implement planned blackouts on Tuesday after breakdowns at a number of power stations...

Nigeria pays $14 mln for fuel in June despite subsidy removal – NNPC

LAGOS (Reuters) - Nigeria’s state oil company recorded a 5.34 billion naira ($14 million) cost for fuel in June, months after it...

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