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South Africa Budget Day

Moody’s rates SA’s #Budget2020, warns risks remain skewed toward a higher debt path

Moody's warns "even if the government achieves its planned spending restraint, the government's projected primary deficit of 1.1% of GDP by fiscal 2022 would still be too wide to stabilize the debt burden."

SA trade union COSATU says it won’t allow workers’ wages to be slashed

South Africa’s largest trade union federation COSATU said on Wednesday that it would not allow workers’ wages to be slashed, after Finance Minister Tito Mboweni used a budget speech to promise cuts to the public sector wage bill.

#Budget2020: Rating SA’s Budget 2020, has it done enough to avoid a downgrade?

All eyes were on Tito Mboweni for this budget as investors sit on the edge of their seats for the upcoming Moody's rating which, prior to the budget being delivered, was suspected to be a downgrade. Has that changed? And what is the view of other ratings agency's to South Africa's spending and collection plans. Join this CNBC Africa panel of experts as they unpack Finance minister Tito Mboweni's 2020 budget speech....

#Budget2020: What Budget 2020 means for you & your wallet

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni says South Africa's income tax system is progressive and the adjustments reflect this. Mboweni announced some declines in personal income tax. But as much there may be tax relief, sin taxes have again gone up- so what does this budget mean for you and your wallet? Samke Mhlongo, Founder & Chief Executive of Next Chapter, Ricardo Teixeira, Chief Operating Officer, Wealth Advisers BDO and Zweli Mabhoza Founder and Director, Priority Tax Solutions join CNBC Africa for more....

#Budget2020: Funding state owned enterprises

The biggest thorn in South Africa's side are its state owned enterprises - Eskom and South African Airways in particular. Are we throwing scare resources down a drain? Makgopa Tshehla, Professor for Financial Management of the Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership, Maarten Ackerman, Chief Economist at Citadel and Abdullah Verachia from Gibs and CEO of The Strategists join CNBC Africa for more....

#Budget2020: What finmin Mboweni’s budget speech means for business

Vusi Thembekwayo, CEO of My Growth Fund, Steven Schultz, CEO, Momentum Securities and Xolile Sizani, Group CEO of Servest join CNBC Africa to dig deeper into finmin Mboweni’s 2020 budget speech....

#Budget2020: Expert analysis of finmin Mboweni’s 2020 Budget Speech

Join this CNBC Africa panel of experts as they unpack Finance minister Tito Mboweni's 2020 budget speech....

#Budget2020: SA’s Budget analysed

CNBC Africa delves deeper into Finance minister Tito Mboweni's 2020 budget speech with Muneer Hassan, Senior Lecturer: Taxation, UJ, Stephen Meintjes, Head of Research at Momentum Securities and Nolwandle Mthombeni, Investment Analyst, Mergence....

#Budget2020: SA finmin Mboweni delivers his 2020 Budget Speech (full speech)

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni presented his 2020 Budget with little room to manoeuvre. The speech provides insights on the state bank, growth and tax....

#Budget2020: South Africans get a tax break; public-sector wage bill cut

Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni has decided to cut the strained South African consumer some slack this year.

#Budget2020: Risk of SA remaining investment grade by Moody’s has become more pronounced

The national treasury has acknowledged that the risk to South Africa remaining investment grade has become more pronounced.

#Budget2020: SA’s Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s full speech

South Africa's Finance Minister Tito Mboweni provides insights on the state bank, growth and tax.

Post #MTBPS2019 analysis: Markets react to finmin Mboweni’s #midtermbudget speech

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni presented his Medium Term Budget Policy Statement, an important piece of South Africa's budgeting process. Join this CNBC Africa panel of experts as they to track market reaction to the #MTBPS2019....

SA #MTBPS2019: We are selling assets Finance Minister Tito Mboweni declares

State-owned entities are on the chopping block. The minister of finance, Tito Mboweni says the state will be selling some assets

#MTBPS2019: Low growth, high spend continues to plague SA economy, but SAA, Eskom get more funds

Power utility Eskom, is seen as the biggest risk to the South African economy and will receive an extra R26 billion.

Op-Ed: What South Africa’s #Budget2019 speech will mean to you personally

How will the points made in SA FinMin Tito Mboweni's 2019 budget speech impact you economically?

#Budget2019: Government not taking on #Eskom’s debt but will provide funding, place it under curatorship

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni warned that the fiscal support to Eskom is conditional.

IN FULL | #Budget2019: Tito Mboweni’s maiden speech

Treasury sets out plans to render on to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Read South Africa's finance minister, Tito Mboweni's budget speech in full:

#Budget2019 | Tax changes highlighted: little tax relief

Treasury has recognised that to render on to Caesar, what belongs to Caesar it needs to restore the efficiency of SARS.

Moody’s says weaker fiscal outlook highlighted in SA’s mini budget a credit negative

Moody’s is the last of the top three agencies to still rate the country investment grade.

MTBPS2018: Tito Mboweni talks tough in hard times

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s climbed into the driving seat of South African economic policy, with aplomb, with his maiden mini-budget speech.

SA’s #MTBPS2018: Key takeaways

In 2017/18, for the first time since the 2008 global financial crisis, tax revenue growth did not exceed GDP growth.

#MTBPS2018: Public servants’ wages balloon, but headcount is not to blame

The wage bill remains the single largest component of expenditure.

#MTBPS2018: SARS withheld tax refunds under former Commissioner Moyane, these are the consequences…

#MTBPS2018 reveals dire consequences of former Commissioner Tom Moyane’s regime.

#MTBPS2018: A look at SA Finmin Tito Mboweni’s Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement

Madam Speaker President of the Republic Deputy President Cabinet Colleagues and Deputy Ministers Deputy Speaker Governor of the South African Reserve Bank Leaders of all political parties MECs for Finance Representatives of...

How is the South African rand performing ahead of finmin Mboweni’s mini budget speech?

Tito Mboweni's medium-term budget speech will influence whether Moody’s strips South Africa of its last investment grade credit rating.

SA’s budget reforms, what the real impact will be for South Africans

Could the reforms stutter confidence and growth in SA?

How SA’s VAT increase will affect your next braai

As we edge closer to 1 April 2018 the braai will come at an increased cost, this by how much...

There are no losers in #Budget2018 expenditure cuts – Sfiso Buthelezi

South Africa's Budget 2018 targets high-net worth individuals and those who fancy the finer things in life. But what does it mean for people’s planning for the future? Joining CNBC Africa are Gerald Mwandiambira, Acting CEO of South African Savings Institute and John Manyike, Head of Financial Education at Old Mutual.


Why business should not throw in the towel in the face of COVID-19

“I would like to appeal to all large businesses not to resort to force majeure and stop paying their suppliers and rental commitments , as such practice has a domino effect on all other businesses dependent on that chain,”

SA extends lockdown by two weeks until end April

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday evening extended the country's lockdown by two weeks until the end of April to slowdown...

COVID-19: Trump hold on finances would hurt our work in Africa – WHO.

"If that decision is made it would severely impact our work here in Africa,” says Moeti.

Update on Rupert family’s R1bn COVID-19 fund

This week Johann Rupert’s R1billion Sukuma fund had to close doors on desperate small businesses wanting help to fight the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns.

World Bank considers debt relief for Africa to fight COVID-19

The World Bank expects COVID-19 to cost Sub-Saharan Africa up to $79 billion in lost output in 2020, plunging the region into its first recession in a quarter of a century. World Bank’s Chief Economist for Africa, Albert Zeufack joins CNBC Africa for more.