Nelson Mandela

Nic Wolpe recalls the moment Nelson Mandela was released and what it meant for his family

Nic Wolpe, the son of struggle lawyer Harold Wolpe, who spent most of his life in political exile in London, recalls the moment Nelson Mandela was released and what it meant for his family.

What would have made Mandela angry 30 years on?

Thirty years after Nelson Mandela was released on a balmy autumn afternoon near Cape Town the question in many minds is what would he have made of the political and economic reality he dreamed of on that day? It is a question ever more pertinent with every anniversary.

18 Unusual things named in honour of Nelson Mandela that you probably never heard of

By Zikhona Masala, CNBC Africa reporter and producer As the world celebrates 100 years since the birth of struggle icon, Nelson Mandela, we can’t ignore the...

End of an era as #WinnieMandela – Mother of the Nation – dies aged 81

Madikizela-Mandela threw many of her latter years into causes that cemented her nickname : Mother of the Nation.

Farewell to AnnMarie Wolpe: The heroine of the struggle who partied with Mandela

Wolpe was one of a band of young turks in the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

Joel Joffe: Rivonia Trial lawyer, a man you could bet your life on

One of the lawyers who saved Nelson Mandela from the rope and became a millionaire English lord died in his country home of Liddington, in Wiltshire, on June 18, aged 85.

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