This is how war and revolt have done worse to the mines than COVID-19.

Planes dropped bombs from the blue, artillery shelled suburban houses, riflemen fought street battles, snipers fired from bedroom windows and tanks rumbled through the suburbs.

Ramaphosa tests negative for coronavirus as South Africa to begin lockdown

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has tested negative for coronavirus, the presidency said in a statement on Thursday.

Ramaphosa declares national state of disaster over COVID-19

In a live television broadcast after a special cabinet meeting, Ramaphosa said the outbreak, first detected on March 5, could have a significant and “potentially lasting” impact on a struggling economy, which is already in recession.

SA’s President Cyril Ramaphosa releases the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Public Investment Corporation report


#SONA2020: Point of order Mr President !..Two presidents howled down in Parliamentary fiasco

Before South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa uttered a word in his State of the Nation Address in Parliament in Cape Town the proceedings were thrown into chaos.

South Africa’s Ramaphosa wins court case against #PublicProtector, what you need to know

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa won a court case against the anti-corruption watchdog on Thursday over a matter concerning ally Pravin Gordhan, ahead of a fresh battle over findings against the president himself.

South Africa’s #PublicProtector says Ramaphosa deliberately misled parliament

Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane, who investigates allegations of wrongdoing by state officials, told reporters that Ramaphosa had violated the constitution and breached the executive code of ethics.

Op-Ed: On corruption: How South Africa’s new leader can replace bold promises with bold action

While holding corrupt leaders accountable sends a powerful message, if Ramaphosa’s long-term strategy does not include investments in innovations that lead to prosperity creation, he’s effectively snipping the buds while the roots remain intact.

South Africa’s ANC has not taken a decision to expand central bank mandate, what you need to know…

The ANC seems divided after Secretary General Ace Magashule told a news conference on Tuesday that the party’s executive had “agreed to expand the mandate of the South African Reserve Bank beyond price stability to include growth and employment however senior ANC economic official Enoch Godongwana said there was “no decision” to expand the bank’s mandate.

SA’s President Ramaphosa has his cabinet, this is who’s in

Cabinet trimmed, 50 per cent made up of women.

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