Tharisa extends its JSE listing date


The JSE has granted the European based mining and metallurgical group a listing of up to 257,333,677 shares in the general mining sector of its main board.

The company is incorporated in the island country, Cyprus, and is an integrated resources group comprising of mining, processing, sales and the logistics of platinum group metals (PGM) and chrome.  

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Tharisa owns a 74 per cent interest in Tharisa Minerals as well as its subsidiaries, Arxo Metals, Arxo Logistics and Arxo Resources.

The group operated the Tharisa Mine, located 95 kilometres north west of Johannesburg, in close proximity to the town of Rustenburg.

“Tharisa’s objective is to become a leading natural resources company focused on originating, developing and operating mines in the PGM, chrome and steel raw material sectors to service growing global demand through integrated mining, processing, marketing, sales and logistics operations,” said the company in a statement.