Policy stability is critical for business operations: SABMiller


Bowman said his company was expecting to enhance its understanding around issues of inclusive growth and empowering local communities.

“For us, inclusive growth has been an awakening in the last ten years, so we have created very clear objectives around local content. We buy our products from local communities which empower thousands of farmers,” Bowman told CNBC Africa on the side-lines of WEF meeting.

He urged governments to ensure policy stability as this helped businesses to grow and plan with long term perspective.

“What keeps us awake at night is policy stability. We aspire to work with authorities so we can understand the business environment we are in which helps us in our planning,” added Bowman.

“My own view and experience in Africa is that governments and non-governmental organisations in Africa are accessible. We have good interaction and access to these authorities though we do not always agree on all things.”

The SABMiller plc 1.18% reported a four per cent rise in the third quarter sales ending December 31; this is despite poor weather in China.

SABMiller, the maker of beers such as Peroni and Grolsch saw a rise of four per cent in group revenue.

According to the group results, volume fell by one per cent for lager and rose by four per cent on soft drinks.

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“Our story in Africa is one of long term growth so we have a view of 20 years of growth,”

I am confident and positive that our opportunities in Africa remain robust despite some knocks that have been experienced around the world.