Infrastructure is an economic growth enabler: Dloti


Speaking to CNBC Africa in an exclusive interview, Thabo Dloti of Liberty Holdings Limited 0.77% said Africa needed to address infrastructural challenges as that was inhibiter of doing business between African economies.

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He also said conversations around disparity and inequality had attracted his attention.

“Inequality is not a problem that can be solved with one solution as it is a wider problem as without economic growth it is very difficult to address this issue, and if the economic growth is not inclusive and is not creating jobs then you have the disparity growing,” he said.

“I have also been following on the topic of disparity of the haves and haves not, even as much as there is no resolution to the matter, it is clear that it is a topical issue not only for South Africa but a worldwide issue.”

Dloti said, South Africa’s challenge was on how to include more people into the country’s economic growth story so that the country can bridge the disparity gap.

“Things like education, skills level being developed on the ground so people can participate in the modern economy are challenges we still have to address,” he added.

Dloti said financial services sector has a role to play in contributing to the disparity debate both from a leadership point and capital deployment.

He said some of the topics being raised are topics that people have been deliberating on already and he said he was positive of action post Davos.

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“Some of the topics that I have been following on include security considering the continent where I come from. Security is a crucial topic as instability inhibits businesses and investment from coming into the region,” he added.

“I have really been encouraged by how different leaders representing Africa are talking about the security situation in the continent.”