Transforming your workplace into a smart, connected office

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Transforming your workplace into a smart

Improved workflow and efficiency of staff as company data becomes accessible to employees anywhere, anytime whatever the device.

Improved security and data theft protection as you never lose data. 

What makes your office smart?

Your office becomes smart when you bring together different ICT devices and systems and embed them into your business activities, changing the way everyone works.

For example, communicating across a distance when you or your employees are on the move, or in multiple locations. Information sharing is important, and the key is in getting the right message to the right people at the right time, making communication quick and simple. Again, as interactive communication is not effective when only going in one direction, capabilities like video or web conferencing are now used instead of phoning or e-mailing out a memo. 

Information overload

We live in an information age, but what do we do with the vast quantity of information available to us? We access it, make sense of it, save it and share it. The smart office enables the SME owner to do this efficiently, quickly and on the go.

Furthermore, the amount of information available can now be accessed through a variety of devices. Tablets, smart phones, laptops are all able to capture information from an array of sources. However, can the data saved on your smartphone be transferred to your laptop or tablet in a format that is useful to you? Device synchronisation is another type of collaboration that enables you to see your information on any device, anywhere. 

Secure smart office

With data now available on multiple devices, security is paramount as losing your information can be a huge setback to your operation. Any reputable service provider will ensure the security of information as it travels from device to device, person to person. Telkom Business keeps your data secure by providing among others:

  • Sufficient storage
  • SPAM filtering
  • Anti-virus features
  • Firewalling
  • Secured WiFi connectivity
  • Customised smart office

Smart offices are designed to be customised to meet the specific requirements of one’s business. You can choose the tools that are right for your communication needs. Everyone needs basic internet access to run a business. However, in order to make your business run better you need to use functionality in addition to your basic internet access requirements. 

One provider

Not only is it important to choose the right tools for your needs, it’s also important to choose the right provider. We at Telkom Business recommend that you use a single provider for all your connectivity requirements.

This ensures that you are able to share information ubiquitously and that your phone, data and mobile technology offer plug and play ease of use. It also means that any applications that you add to your communications technology will work seamlessly. 

Super-fast bandwidth

The golden thread that draws all of these possibilities together is bandwidth, a valuable commodity in today’s world. We want access to abundant information as quickly as possible, providing businesses with a competitive edge. Telkom Business helps you service huge volumes of data quickly and efficiently. Simply put, fast bandwidth means a faster business.