S.Africa should think outside the box: Brand SA


“We are facing challenging times and this should provoke us to come up with innovative ways to deal with all the challenges we are facing as a country,” Kingsley Makhubela, chief executive of Brand SA told CNBC Africa.

He made the comments at the World Economic Forum taking place in Switzerland.

Makhubela also added that the challenges Africa’s second largest economy was facing should strengthen the country’s resolve and make it think outside the box.

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He welcomed sentiments expressed by the country’s top business executives calling for an all-inclusive leadership as South Africa navigates the fourth industrial revolution.

“We need to start having an inclusive leadership and this should include business and national government. This also calls us to be innovative so that we grow the national pie.”

South Africa has been battling a commodity slump, drought, negative sentiment and a weakening rand driving up inflation.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is predicting South Africa’s growth will be less than one per cent this year.

Makhubela also said Brand SA was an integral part of Brand Africa calling for improved regional integration and cooperation.

“Whatever happens in the continent affect all of us, we are intertwined, that is why we need to work together to demonstrate that Africa is the right place to do business.”