EOH posts revenue growth of 40 per cent, declare dividend

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EOH posts revenue growth of 40 per cent

Profit before tax is up 37 per cent to 467 million rand. Earnings per share rose 35 per cent 344 cents while Headline Earnings per share increased 34 per cent to 339 cents with cash increasing by 45 per cent to 653 million rand.

EOH declared a gross dividend of 95 cents per ordinary share.

“The Board of Directors is satisfied with the performance for the year ended 31 July 2013,” said a statement released by EOH on Wednesday.

The JSE listed group, which is one of the largest Information and Communications Technology (ICT) service providers in South Africa, services customers in a wide variety of sectors such as financial services, telecommunications, public sector and retail.

EOH have stated that their offerings in outsourcing, Managed Services and Cloud arenas have grown significantly due to the securing of major contracts earlier in the year.

EOH also has plans to expand into the rest of Africa and has adopted a far more strategic and proactive approach to turn it into a reality.

“We expect to be a leading player in this field. EOH is well positioned to continue to grow aggressively. It has the people, the size, the financial resources, the agility and the knowledge to do so,” said the company in a statement.