Nampak sees impressive returns


Revenue for the group increased to 18.2 million rand from 16.5 million rand in 2012. Operating profit was also up to 1.9 million rand from 1.8 million rand in the previous comparative year.

Headline earnings per share from continuing operations rose by 8.2 per cent to 217.5 cents from 201 cents.

“Operating profit from continuing operations increased by 8% largely as a result of a 60% increase in profits from the rest of Africa,” the group said in a statement.


“Trading profit from the rest of Africa increased to R506 million from R316 million due primarily to the Angolan beverage can operation.”

[DATA NPK:Nampak] is Africa’s largest packaging company, manufacturing metal, steel, glass, paper and plastic.

Nampak also provides recycling services in South Africa, it’s country of origin, as well as inspection and coding solutions. Twinsaver, Cuddlers, Lifestyle and Tena tissues are also under the Nampak group.

The group’s dividend per share was also up eight per cent to 140 cents from 129.5 cents.

Revenue for the group’s South Africa segment increased to 13.6 million rand from 12.7 million rand. Revenue for its other Africa operations also increased to 2.7 million rand from two million rand in the previous year.

Revenue for its United Kingdom operations reportedly increased to 1.9 million rand from 1.6 million rand in the previous year.

Nampak recently concluded an agreement to acquire Alucan Packaging Limited, a beverage can manufacturer in Nigeria for a consideration of 301 million dollars.

Nampak has also been granted an option to acquire a large rigid plastic manufacturer in Nigeria.

“Nampak is strategically well-positioned with strong market positions in South Africa and a growing presence on the African continent. We believe that this will contribute to achieving sustainable earnings growth,” the group said.