Master Drilling pursues organic growth opportunities

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The specialised drilling services provider saw revenue increase from 10.8 million US dollars in the 2012 period to 119.6 million US dollars in 2013.

“By year-end, the group was actively operating 157 drilling rigs across Southern Africa, Latin America, West Africa and the Middle East. These rigs are owned or leased by Master Drilling, with a few operated through rentals from third parties,” said [DATA MDI:Master Drilling Group Limited].

“As the global mining industry focuses on a greater level of mechanisation, Master Drilling is pursuing organic growth opportunities in Mexico and Peru and expanding geographically in Colombia and the DRC. Master Drilling is enhancing its position as a world-class supplier of technologically-advanced mine drilling operations, as well as value-added services.”

Operating profit increased to 22 million US dollars in 2013 from one million US dollars in 2012 while investment revenue grew from 163,246 US dollars to one million US dollars.

Profit before taxation was up from one million US dollars in 2012 to 22 million US dollars in 2013, profit attributable to equity shareholders rose 24.9 per cent to 15.1 million US dollars and diluted headline earnings per share increased from 8.9 cents to 10.3 cents.

(WATCH VIDEO: Master Drilling FY results with CEO Danie Pretorius)

“Master Drilling’s business strategy is to maintain and improve its current status as a leading, global specialised drilling services company and to deliver long-term, sustainable growth through the further development and expansion of its drilling services,” it said.

“It intends to achieve this by strengthening and consolidating its position in existing markets through focused organic growth and strategic acquisitions, expanding into new markets and enhancing operational efficiencies, while continuing its dedicated focus on quality and safety.”