Datacentrix delivers on growth strategy

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Datacentrix delivers on growth strategy

“Datacentrix has undergone a transformational journey over the last few years. The organisation recognised that the business model would come under pressure due to hardware commoditisation and technology prices declining,” it said.

“Today, the company delivers infrastructure solutions, with a growing managed service, application and cloud business. The group has largely delivered on the implementation of its organic growth strategy, having built the capability to assist customers in navigating the ever-changing IT landscapes.”

The South Africa-based company added that it would continue to complement its organic growth strategy with acquisitions.

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Datacentrix, which consists of three operational divisions – managed services, technology, previously infrastructure, and business solutions, also reported revenue growth of nine per cent for the six months ending 31 August 2014.

Group revenue increased slightly to 1.1 billion rand from one billion rand for the same interim period in 2013.

“The group showed solid performance for the interim period, achieving revenue and PAT growth from all divisions. The continued focus on complex solutions is contributing positively to group performance, with areas such as networking solutions gaining good acceptance in the marketplace,” [DATA DCT:Datacentrix] said.

“In the cloud space, the group launched both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings during the reporting period.”

Operating profit grew by 18 per cent from 55 million rand in the 2013 period to 65 million rand in 2014 while profit before taxation increased to 66 million rand from 59 million rand.

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Headline earnings increased to 47 million rand in 2014 from 41 million rand in 2013, headline earnings per share rose 16 per cent to 24.3 cents from 21 cents and an interim gross cash dividend of 8.0 cents per share was declared.

“The group will continue on its path as a skilled, services and solutions-led organisation. People are key to the business and Datacentrix will support the ongoing development and nurturing of the right skills to deliver intelligent, complex solutions to the market in an ever changing IT landscape,” it said.

“The company believes that its focus on complex solutions, execution capability and its customer-centric approach has positioned the group favourably within the market. Datacentrix will continue to seek out suitable acquisition opportunities to broaden its reach and to bring new solutions to its customers.”