The Kenyan government handled the terror attack professionally

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“I’m certain that the government is taking it as a priority to enhance security in the country. The members of security will take all the necessary precaution to make sure that this will not recur,” Mwanzia, a retired major general and security consultant told CNBC Africa on Wednesday.

The attack on Saturday that left 72 people dead and nearly 200 injured was one of the biggest security challenges the country has faced to date.

The death toll however is on the rise as more bodies are yet to be uncovered in the collapsed mall.  

Kenya has refused to bow to demands to withdraw its troops from Somalia despite receiving threats by Al-Shabaab to carry out further attacks.


Mwanzia believes that even though there was a security lapse which allowed Al-Shabaab access to Westgate mall, the Kenyan government is capable of containing the situation and ensuring that security measures are enhanced throughout the country.  

He also noted that Kenya’s neighbouring countries will be beefing up their own security.

“At the moment, most countries are on high alert. They will put high security measures in place to mitigate the likely attacks,” said Mwanzi.

While security is the priority for the government at this time, assisting the bereaved families that lost loved ones during the attacks is also a key focus

“I believe the governments focus now is to assist the bereaved families,” he added.

However, the government has come under scrutiny by the public as they believe that there is no clear information regarding the attacks.